On the Main Stage : 

Back to School R3VUE - September 2011
Directed by: Thomas Young

Production Staff:
Musically Directed by Mike Bond, Jeanel LeBlanc, and Nick Kaminski
Choreography by Danielle Durso


Tyler Abelson
Katie Bryck
Will Carey
Nick Cartusciello
James Duffy
Jenna Fagan
Alex Hausner
Peter LeBron
Marc Mills
Priscilla Pagan
Chris Pasi
Tyler Picone
Angelina Plaza
Galadriel Sevener

12 Angry Men - October 2013
By Reginald Rose

Directed by: Boris Van Der Ree

Production Staff:

Stage Managed by Kate Levine
Assistant Stage Managed by Allison Kroeper


Juror 1: Bobby O'Rourke
Juror 2: Julia Barnett
Juror 3: Will Carey
Juror 4: James Philips
Juror 5: Mike Bond
Juror 6: Chris Pasi
Juror 7: Taylor McKay
Juror 8: Amanda Padro
Juror 9: Hayley Klein
Juror 10: Andy Martinez
Juror 11: Jasia Ries
Juror 12: Sabrina Blackburn
Guard: Kolrick Greathouse

Elegies - December 2011
By William Finn

Directed/Musically Directed by: Galadriel Sevener

Production Staff:

Co-Director: Danny Cassidy
Co- Music Director: Kate Levine
Stage Managers: Kate Barron, Kaajal Kheny


Ellie Kahn
Amanda Padro
Tyler Picone
Nicholas Cartusciello
Marc Mills

How I Learned to Drive - February 2012
By Paula Vogel

Directed by: Jordan Gochman

Production Staff:

Assistant Director: Matt Leddin
Stage Manager: Meg King
Assistant Stage Manager: Jared Gallegos
Set Design: Jordan Gochman/Matt Leddin
Lighting Designer: John Latona
Assistant Lighting Designer: Gabby Slomicz
Sound Design: Suved Adkar
Projection Design: Dom Nero and Jeff Prentky
Projection Operator: Courtney King


Li'l Bit- Stephanie Van Huss
Uncle Peck- Marc Mills
Female Greek Chorus- Taylor McKay
Male Greek Chorus- Boris Van Der Ree
Teenage Greek Chorus- Amanda Padro

Eleemosynary - March 2012
By Lee Blessing

Directed by: Melissa Gabilanes 

Production Staff: 

Assistant Director: Anwesha Chaudhuri 
Production Stage Manager: Kate Barron 
Technical Stage Manager: Alex Gentul 
Production Assistant: Allison Kroeper 


Echo: Sabrina Blackburn
Artemis: Alyssa Krompier
Dorothea: Jasia Ries 


Spring Awakening - April 2012
By Duncan Sheik & Steven Sater

Directed by: Farnaz Mansouri 

Production Staff:

Assistant Director: Allison Addona 
Musical Director: Carl Phillips
Assistant Musical Director: Mike Bond
Stage Managers: Matt Leddin and John Latona
Choreographer: Sarah Lifson 
Lighting Design: John Latona 
Set Design: Matt Leddin and Francesca Fiore
Costume Design: Abigail Nutter


Wendla: Lauren Sagnella 
Melchior: Marc Mills 
Moritz: Joey Braccino
Marta: Amanda Padro 
Ilse: Alexandra Hausner
Thea: Meg Gillan 
Anna: Francesca Fiore 
Georg: Will Carey 
Ernst: Nicholas Cartusciello 
Hanschen: Tyler Picone 
Otto: Jordon Hafetz 
Adult Woman: Jenna Fagan
Adult Man: Boris Van Der Ree


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  • Original Play Festival
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  • Directors Showcase

The 2011-2012 Executive Board

Katie Kroeper

Artistic Director
Farnaz Mansouri

Managing Director
Erik Stratton

Director of Finance
John Latona

Director of Marketing
Allison Addona