Directors' Showcase at Cabaret is a collection of 15 to 20 minute plays directed by new directors. This showcase gives first time directors the opportunity to work on a short play from start to finish and get a feel for the directing process. It is a great way to get involved at Cabaret and has proven a strong first step for many leaders at our company.

Directors' Showcase 2018
Coordinator: EMILY PRESTBY

Post-Its: Notes on a Marriage by Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman
Directed by Grace Hazen
Actress: Vicki Kreindler
Actor: Richard Urquiza

411 by David Fleisher
Directed by Jack Oliver
Caller: Ryan Leibowitz
Operator: Sabrina Caruso

Buyer’s Market by LB Hamilton
Directed by Kyle Higgins
Woman: Jade Chandler
Man: Richard Urquiza

Double Date by J. Holtham
Directed by Talya Shatzky
Nick: Barnabé Bouchenoir
Irene: Hannah Vliet
Pennie: Paige Jarusiewicz

The Candymen by Michael Moore & Saverio Turrano
Directed by Zach Hassel
Jerry: Andres Moledo
Cliff: Chris Michael
Robert: John Lerman
Junior: Cami Poniz
Esteban/Child/911 Operator/Matt: Nicholas Efstatos

Directors' Showcase 2017
Coordinator: Rafael Lozada

Dorothy and Alice by Itamar Moses
Directed by Jamie Einiger
Dorothy: Stephanie Bradli
Alice: Nina Tripodi

Beer Girl by Walter Wykes
Directed by Kevin Anberserri
Bob: Larry Fried
Flo: Colee Bellmay
Beer Girl: Kaitlyn Toledo

Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair by Marco Ramirez
Directed by Jennifer Dars
Regina: Nishika Bagchi
Sam: John Hennessy
Tiffany: Kirsten Pasewaldt
Bradley: Mohsin Sharif

Baby Book by Matthew Ballistreri
Directed by Krystina Matos
Willum: Jack Oliver
Kelly: Vanessa Matos

Directors Showcase 2016
Coordinator: Lauren Burcheri

Wedding Duet by Lauren Wilson
Directed by Celine Dirkes
Benji Sills
Emily Woods

What We're Up Against by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Katherine Freedman
Rafael Lozada
Oren Merhav

Moving Shortly by Sheri Wilner
Directed by Madhu Mohanmurali
Colee Bellmay
Rafael Lozada

Zealot by Julie Marie Myatt
Directed by David Novis
Alex Albanese
Roni Banerjee
Benji Sills
Emily Woods

Stage Manager: Danielle Shabi

Directors Showcase 2015
Coordinator: Kim Bollard

Baggage Unattended by Eric Coble
Directed by Emily Reineke

Allie Ambriano
Abid Hassan
Sean Ullmer
Bernadette Burke
Jackie Malzone
Dom Scalera

Sure Thing by David Ives
Directed by Stephanie Leiva

Kenny Laboy
Laura Pomykala
Allie Ambriano

He Said, She Said by Alice Gerstenberg
Directed by Julianna Pica

Rachel Horner
Kajoree Bhattacharya
Abid Hassan

Some Fresh Ideas by Zachary Sinkiewicz
Directed by Jillian Hanna

Alexis Dewland
Christian Signorelli
Christian Courtney
Abid Hassan

Trash by Justice Hehir & Alyssa Krompier
Directed by Elizabeth Alt

Maddie Hehir
Toni Pollitt

Death Knocks by Woody Allen
Directed by Ivana Melara

Kajoree Bhattacharya
Benji Sills

Cindy & Julie by Bruce Kane
Directed by TJ Ellis

Kelly McCarthy
Kajoree Bhattacharya
Allie Ambriano

Directors Showcase 2014
Coordinator: Kayla Votapek
Stage Manager: Jacqueline Malzone


Interview with Loneliness by Ann Wuehler
Directed by Chris Price


Toni Pollitt
Megan Cavanagh
Kim Bollard 


Waiting for the Matinee by Eric Coble
Directed by Constantina Scoullis


Kajoree Bhattacharya
Justice Hehir


For Anne by Peter Gruen
Directed by Laura Pomykala


Kelly Lozo
Matt Apploff


Blind Date by Laurie Allen
Directed by Eddie Norgard 


Chris Wilson
Kim Bollard
LaJuan Miller
Thalia Peck
Matt Apploff
Kajoree Bhattacharya


Ties that Bind by Eric Coble 
Directed by Hantz Jean-Francois


Luke Basile
Alex Esposito
Lajuan Miller
Thalia Peck
Toni Pollitt
Steve Rengifo 

Directors Showcase 2013
Coordinated by Allison Kroeper
Stage Managed by Stephanie van Oppen


Final Placement - Written by: Ara Watson
Directed by: Kayla Votapek


Luellen: Kelsey Potkay
Mary: Justice Hehir

Left to Right - Written by: Steven Dietz
Directed by: Christen Demnitz


Scott: Mendel Teitelbaum
Ron: Chris Randise
Dee: Constance Huang
Angie: Laura Pomykala


Seven Jewish Children - Written by: Caryl Churchill
Directed by: Stephanie Van Huss


Grandpa: Andy Martinez
Dad: Sherif Ibrahim
Brother: Dan Conroy
Grandma: Megan Cavanagh
Mom: Marie Ferguson
Sister: Julia Barnett


The Lives of the Great Waitresses - Written by: Nina Shengold
Directed by: Jasia Ries


Yetta: Alyssa Krompier
Kay: Esther Adesina
Tammie Sue: Sam Vargas
Melissa: Julia Barnett

Directors Showcase 2012
Coordinated by Anwesha Chaudhuri

Stage Managed by Artun Hoscan


Awkward Silence
Directed by Kayla Votapek 


Woman - Allie Kroeper
Man - Tim Lenz
Waitress - Selina Garcia 


On the Edge
Directed by Justice Hehir


Sammy - Alyssa Krompier
Gene - Jake Esformes


Dance Lessons
Directed by Katie Scheit


Norm - Robert Piserchia
Sue - Natasha Sydor


Daniel on a Thursday 
Directed by Gina D'Angelo


Kevin - Tim Lenz
Daniel - Ithan Sokol


The Sneeze
Directed by Justine Mujica 


Cherdyakov Dan Fisher
General - Nolan Maher
The Writer - Christen Demnitz
The Wife - Adaugo Anusidniu
Adame Brassilhov - Nikko Espina

Directors Showcase 2011
coordinated by Melissa Gabilanes & JJ Focaraccio


Railing it Uptown
Directed by Courtney King


Adaugo Anusionwu
Sherese Reed


Betrayed by Everyone
Directed by Meghan King


Alyssa Krompier
Simon Galperin 


The Wedding Duet
Directed by Anwesha Chaudhuri 


Casey Lynn
Jordan Gochman 


Nina in the Morning
Directed by Justine Mujica


Nolan Maher
Allison Kroeper
Lauren Sagnella
Jordan Gochman


Next Door Down
Directed by Emily Petrick 


Boris Van Der Ree
Jaclyn Spoleti 


Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson
Directed by Jared Gallegos 


Nolan Maher
Erik Stratton
Vince Sarlo