The 2019-2020 General Board

Producer's Department

Associate Producer - Sabrina Dunn

Artistic Department

Associate Artistic Director - Nina Tripodi

Rutgers Night Live Representative - Nishika Bagchi

Directors' Showcase Coordinator - Zachary Hassel

Original Play Festival Coordinator - Sabrina Caruso

Managing Department

Technical Director - Carson Cummins

Associate Technical Director - Nicole Jimenez

Associate Technical Director - Zachary Hassel

Associate Technical Director - Mary Klein

House Manager - Cami Poniz

Lighting Coordinator - Thomas Pflanz

Finance Department

Box Office Manager - Vanessa Matos

Box Office Manager - Nicole Jimenez

Box Office Assistant - Nina Langhorn

Box Office Assistant - Grace Hazen

Box Office Assistant - Sabrina Caruso

Box Office Assistant - Paige Jarusiewicz

Box Office Assistant - Mary Klein

Box Office Assistant - Carson Cummins

Marketing Department

Social Media Chair - Sophie Hill

Graphic Designer - Steph Bradli

Videographer - LuisDiego Millan

Marquee Specialist: Paige Jarusiewicz

What Do We Do?

Cabaret Theatre’s General Board resolves to promote and create a diverse, friendly, welcoming, and professional community to celebrate student voices with open-mindedness & creativity. We will strive to create memorable, affective theatre—without any “qualifiers”—for & including new voices, those with less experience and those who may feel they’re “not supposed” to be involved in theatre. We will reach out to those who may not feel they can reach out to us, as well as to the larger Rutgers community to create an ethic of positivity, integrity, and innovation, so that our whole community may have the opportunity to call Cabaret home.


Acts directly under the Producer to ensure that all matters regarding the theatre are in order. Takes on ad hoc responsibilities as delegated by the Producer.


Acts directly under the Artistic Director to assist in preserving the artistic integrity of the company. The Associate Artistic Director also has a hand in coordinating and contributing to events outside of mainstage productions including but not limited to Rutgers Night Live, the Original Play Festival, Cafe Cabaret, and Cabaret Ball.


Liaises between the Rutgers Night Live cast members, writers, directors, and the artistic department as a whole to craft two RNL productions throughout the season.

Directors’ Showcase Coordinator

Provides guidance and structure for the annual Directors’ Showcase by working with new and aspiring directors. Works on selecting plays and advising applicants. Designs major elements of the production and ensures that all plays are rehearsing on schedule.

Original Play Festival Coordinator

Facilitates a workshop(s) or private meetings for any interested undergraduate students who wish to develop an original work with the intent of submitting it to the Original Play Festival. Provides guidance and structure for the annual Original Play Festival, working with both playwrights and directors. Works on pairing plays with prospective directors who apply. Designs major elements of the production and ensures that all plays are rehearsing on schedule.

Technical Director

Contributes in constructing all sets for all Cabaret Theatre productions within the season as well as helps to organize all set builds within the Managing Department and aiding the Production Manager as needed.


Assists the Managing Department as needed, providing a helping hand to both the Production Manager and Technical Director(s) in any way needed.

House Manager

Manages the space immediately before, during, and after performances and coordinates the seating and hosting of the audience. In charge of organization and inventory of costumes and props in Cabaret Theatre’s storage areas.


Supervises the lighting process for all Cabaret Theatre shows. Provides guidance and supports production staff lighting designers, maintain inventory on all available fixtures & bulbs, and supervises cue-to-cues, light hangs, and training of board operators. Responsible for staffing the booth on shows that do not have any qualified candidates.

Box Office Manager

Handles all of the Box Officer's tasks as well as overseeing the Box Officers in the event that the Director of Finance is not in attendance. Assists with the online ticketing system and works with the House Manager to determine seat counts.


Help(s) handle the reservation system and the sale of tickets on site. Assist(s) the Box Office Manager as needed.


Spearheads the image and presence of Cabaret Theatre on the Internet to build audience and membership. Writes the blog for Cabaret Theatre's website and updates the website as a whole. Assists the Director of Marketing in updating Cabaret Theatre's social media.


Designs graphics for promotional purposes to enhance the artistic vision of a production and the image of Cabaret Theatre. Responsible for creating the programs for all productions.


Takes and organizes photographs of Cabaret Theatre productions for archival and marketing purposes.


Makes video recordings of Cabaret Theatre Productions for archival and marketing purposes.

marquee specialist

Responsible for designing and creating Cabaret Theatre’s marquee to be displayed before each production.