Come see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead - THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Looking for something to do before/after trick or treating this weekend? Mosey on down to Cabaret Theatre and watch the talented members of our company put on this awesome tragicomedy (yes that's a thing)!

Told from the perspectives of two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosencrantz (Mario Gambino) and Guildenstern (Celine Dirkes) are essentially going through life "behind the scenes", trying to work out their confusion about what's going on around them. 

Julianna Pica (Sophomore, Double major in English and Theatre) plays one of the three Tragedians, and says that "the best part about being in the show is how meta it is.  It is hamlet from the perspective of the two most insignificant characters. We have done the show so many times now, and I realize something new about the show everyday. The ending is up to interpretation. Come see it because everyone is going to leave with a distinct impression of how it ended." If you're one of those cool kids who like to think outside the box, this show is for you!

Hamlet meets Gilmore Girls
— -Matthew Finnerty (Super Senior; Economics Major, Theatre Minor), when I asked him for 4 words to describe the show

If you've taken a high school english class, you almost definitely had to read Hamlet, whether or not you remember it. Instead of him being the big hot shot, main character, he mainly comes in to update us on what's been happening in the actual Hamlet, which happens to be the backstory for this show. 

I love the part of Hamlet! As one of the most famously complex characters in theater history, it’s been a fascinating experience exploring and learning about him. Also as much of his story takes place offstage, it was interesting practice in trying to create a believable life offstage!
— -Benji Sills (Hamlet), Junior Communications Major

You only have two more chances to see this fantastic show! Closing night is tomorrow at 7 pm.

It's an incredibly deep and eye-opening show, carried by a tremendous cast and crew! (Benji also said this.)