Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Apply for the ProStaff of A Chorus Line

this picture I found on google images says it's the best musical ever, which seems like a pretty legit reason to apply tbh

this picture I found on google images says it's the best musical ever, which seems like a pretty legit reason to apply tbh

Cabaret Theatre is currently taking applications for a director, assistant director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, co-music directors, and choreographer! I'm here to tell you all the cool reasons why you should apply to be on the prostaff for what is about to be a fantastic show!

1. You meet so many people that it makes a huge school like Rutgers seem small.

-Stephanie Mangioglu, Class of 2016

It’s so exciting running into familiar faces all over campus - also it’s convenient to know people who live on College Ave and let me use their driveway, s/o to Allie Ambriano”
— Emily Reineke, sitting next to me eating sunflower seeds, Class of 2017 ("hopefully")

2. You get to build your leadership skills in a supportive and unique environment. 

-Paige Austin, House Manager, Class of 2016

As a music ed major, practicing not only my musicianship but also my teaching skills in such a fun environment with my peers is immensely rewarding.
— Rachel Horner, Class of 2017

3. Late nights with the rest of the prostaff where everyone is a delirious mess...

....but it's okay because it's worth it once you see the final product you created.

We are sleep-deprived and hilarious and some of these nights have created the best friends I have from college.
— Nicola Keegan, Class of 2015

4. Being on every cast member's most recent call list

-Paige Grecco, Class of 2017

All my life I have been annoying people. Well, now it’s my job (but only if you’re late). I get to send passive aggressive text messages to people who don’t arrive on time.
— Dom Scalera, stage manager for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

5. Running around the theater during tech week makes gym memberships unnecessary.

-Paige Grecco (again)

There’s never a dull moment. Prop fell off the set? You have to devise a ninja-like plan to seemlessly remove it. Missing a costume piece? Time for some improv! It’s so great when everything goes as planned and you’re able to sit back and see that all your hard work has paid off.
— Paige Grecco, on a roll

6. Filling in for cast members at rehearsal!

When you’re on prostaff and a cast member is missing, you can take in the responsibility of reading that role which can be hilarious. Trying accents you’re not meant to do, singing songs you shouldn’t be singing - it’s a great time!
— Justin Brown, Class of 2015

7. You get to be a part of the creative process, literally making a show from scratch. 

You are a part of something individual, something you can call your own.
— Stephanie Mangioglu, Class of 2016

8. You get to see your vision come to live and watch your cast shine on stage!

Up until the show is casted and the rehearsals start, everything is in your head. Once you’re doing it, it’s an amazing feeling to watch something transfer from your mind to the stage. When you are on a prostaff, there is no greater feeling than watching your cast, who sometimes are your closest friends, succeed in what they have worked weeks/months for. You just feel so much pride.
— Justin Brown, Class of 2016

Obviously, I had a lot of help when compiling this list of reasons. One of the most meaningful responses I received was from Courtney King, Class of 2015. I didn't feel right just cutting it up and taking bits and pieces, so here it is.

"Being on pro-staff for a show at Cabaret Theatre is a wonderful experience. Cabaret celebrates an artist’s dream and provides opportunities to learn and grow. Art has always played a huge role in my life. I have always been inspired by the moments that prove just how powerful art can be. In looking for opportunities to learn and grow as an artist, Cabaret opened doors for me that I could not even imagine were possible. I have been the artistic director, special events coordinator, director, actor, stage crew, and more. Cabaret made that possible.

Art intrigues us, inspires us, and challenges us as human beings. Being on pro-staff for a show is an experience that cannot be easily described. It is hard work and challenges you in ways that you cannot imagine, but it is worth every moment. Having the ability to create something from scratch and watch it come to life is incredible. But I would say that the best thing about being a part of show is the everlasting bond that you create with the other people involved. Every show that I have done, I have been a part of a family that encourages one another to be better artists and challenges each other to be the best we can be. We are connected by the experience we had and that is something that you will never forget. You spend months planning, rehearsing, and working hard to put up something together and that experience you will remember forever.

Cabaret, as an organization, encourages an artist’s vision and appreciates every aesthetic flavor that makes art unique. You have an opportunity to be a part of something from the very beginning. Helping artists by providing them with the resources to create their work, while also celebrating their artistic freedom and spirit is something so wonderful about student theatre. As artists it is our responsibility to create relationships, encourage restrictors, promote networking, and to inspire those who have inspired us.

To anyone considering applying for a pro-staff position, I would say seize this opportunity to gain a once in a lifetime experience. You will create lifelong friendships, you will challenge yourself and others to be their best, and you will create something incredible from scratch. Art is alive and real, so take this opportunity to create. There is something magical in being able to engage a feeling through a piece. Be fearless, be passionate, be vulnerable, be creative, and apply for a pro-staff position at Cabaret Theatre…you won’t regret it!"

I really can't say anything more at this point. Honestly, we have some really good times here at Cabaret, and if you have any interest whatsoever in being a part of it, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Here's the link to the post about applications for A Chorus Line. Adios, internet peoples!