cast be like: who wOULDN'T want to come to this show?!

cast be like: who wOULDN'T want to come to this show?!

Are you a fan of Saturday Night Live? Well, we've got our own version right here on the banks - Rutgers Night Live is LIVE THIS WEEKEND ONLY! I was lucky enough to watch one of their tech rehearsals, and this show is hilarious - you don't wanna miss this one!

You’re stupid if you don’t come see this show.
— Jake Torsiello, Cast member

Just like SNL, RNL is a bunch of "very funny" sketches written by the people in the cast. Hosted by the very talented Stephanie Leiva (Senior, Math and Theatre), this show ranges from parodies of different cartoons and movies to sketches about actual real life issues; RNL tackles it all. 

Since I don't wanna give anything away, here are some vague descriptions about the sketches that should definitely entice you to reserve your ticket!

Bank robbery gone wrong!

Dance off!

A weird and kind of evil cat that "helps" solve mysteries!

Some guy named Gary from Pre-calc!

Fat sandwiches, chickens, and role playing games!

....and a lot of other cool, funny, relevant things!


I’m Leiva and I’m queen so come see the show ‘cause I’m hosting!
— Stephanie Leiva, Host

For those of you reading this who don't really know much about RNL, here's some stuff I gathered from the cast-

A newly established Cabaret organization, RNL just celebrated its 10th anniversary show last semester! They also accepted 4 new cast members who are very excited to be a part of this family. I talked to Allie Ambriano (Junior, Journalism and Media Studies and Theatre Arts) about her first thoughts coming into this group, 

"My first thoughts were that I don’t think I’m that funny and I don’t know how to feel about this whole situation. It was definitely something new for me playing the funny roles. But now that I’m in it, I can’t imagine not being in it or why I was worried in the first place because it’s like one big crew here; everyone makes you feel so comfortable."

After seeing this show, you'll definitely be wondering why she ever felt this way - she's hilarious!

RNL is a great opportunity for students to write their own sketches and direct them with an energetic and talented cast. The answers I received about this creative process really showed the passion these students have for the theatre - on and off the stage.

Kim Bollard (Sophomore-ish, Theatre and Journalism):  I love comedy and this is kind of an outlet for me to write crazy things and my own stuff. I don’t see myself as much of a playwright, but as far as sketches go, I think I’m really messed up in the head so I can’t wait to write the craziest stuff and that’s what sets it apart from other things at Cabaret. You can do your own thing and write your own jokes and it’s fun!

Abid Hassan (Senior, Theatre major and DCIM minor): Writing has become a recent passion of mine. There is something very rewarding about writing something and people enjoying what you created. So I love acting, but I am also really loving directing these sketches and seeing the people that I casted within the group really shin; it makes me think that I did something cool! 

Raynee Morris (Senior, Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources): I started writing last semester for the RNL digital short. This is my first semester having a sketch performed in the show, but I've been writing for a while. This is cool because I don't normally write comedy - I tend to be a serious writer and a funny actress so it was weird to write comedy and see people like it!

This cast has definitely found a home within RNL, and hearing them talking about it will put a smile on anyone's face!

Jake Torsiello (Senior, History): I've never done anything in theatre before this. I saw the show last fall and it was awesome! One of my close friends was in the show and said I should try out, I said "why not" and they thought I was funny for whatever reason and here I am! My favorite part about this is just hanging out with everyone, it's the best part. Coming to rehearsal knowing that everyone is going to be in a good mood is awesome. There is just a synergetic attitude here and it's great.

Raynee Morris: I love sketch comedy and SNL was honestly a safe haven for me growing up. I was the awkward kid that would go to school, feel out of place and would try to be funny, and nobody would laugh at me. And then I would go home and watch reruns of SNL and watch Kristen Wig and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and think that I wanted to be like them. When I heard RNL existed, I thought, "Yeah, I think this is my thing!"

If you've made it to the end of this post, then I've definitely convinced you to reserve your ticket to this show. If you need any more persuading, I have provided some really low quality pictures (s/o to my iphone 5 camera, tyvm apple) without any captions to keep you readers wanting more.

It’s insanity on drugs - i’s a good time all around!
— Raynee Morris

Since you're already on our website, you might as well click on that handy dandy box office tab reserve your ticket right now!

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon :)