A Series of Special Events is Upon Us! Disclaimer: these events are neither "Lemony" nor "Unfortunate"

real talk who put me in charge of this

real talk who put me in charge of this

Welcome back to Rutgers, everyone! I hope you’ve all perfected the gotta-look-like-i’m-not-about-to-slip-and-fall-in-the-snow-in-front-of-this-entire-bus-of-kids look, what with the huge snow mounds that now adorn every inch of campus - if I’m being honest, I know I’m still workin on makin it look cool. (my unreliable snow boots are intent on making me lose this battle).

me tryna walk to class after jonas visited

me tryna walk to class after jonas visited

You know what place on campus doesn’t have a lot of snow blocking you from entering? Cabaret Theatre! (w0o0w, betcha didn't see that one coming!) We’re all plowed out and salted and ready to take in your confused-because-it’s-cold-but-I’m-sweating-from-all-my-layers-and-walking-around-all-day look into our humble home for our Series of Special Events!

Sunday, January 31 @ 7 PM

Our kick off event will be a Comedy Night! Dust off your piggy banks or dig into your couch cushions for 3 bucks and come watch Rutgers’ funniest kids show their shtuff. If you want to be one of the students showing the shtuff, make sure you let us know beforehand, because we’re not taking performers at the door - don’t miss out! Get in touch with our Special Event Coordinators, Toni Pollitt and Jackie Malzone, at tp17@comcast.net and jem352@scarletmail.rutgers.edu.

P.S. all proceeds from this event will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

Friday, February 5 @ 8 PM


Were you one of the cool kids last semester who were spotted at our first ever R Factor? If you answered no, fear not, kiddies - Cab’s doin it again! Julianna Pica and Kim Bollard are hosting this X Factor inspired talent show, where you (yes, you!) can compete to win some fantabulous prizes! Get your parents to venmo you another 3 bucks so you don’t miss out! As always, hit up Toni (tp17@comcast.net) or Jackie (jem352@scarletmail.rutgers.edu) if you wanna sign up!

Saturday, February 6 @ 8 PM



Come watch a bunch of student directors and actors in our Night of One Page Plays! After tonight's workshop, groups will have been divided and given different scenes to work on, some props to choose from, and a costume inventory to peruse - setting them up for a fantastic ride on dat imagination train (plz don't ask me to clarify what that is because I won’t have an answer and I already committed to saying it)! An event unlike anything we've done before, the Night of One Page Plays will showcase the unique minds of our students; the directors will work with different casts on the same scenes, and we can see how each cast interprets the same texts. Does this sound fun to you? Of course it does. So pack on dem layers, maybe pick up a couple bucks for that $ugge$ted donation, and come hang!

Cabaret Theatre's calendar is jam-packed with great events coming up for this semester, which means I'll be back before ya know it. I hope ya don't miss me too much! :*

xoxo, gossip gi..............anna.