Guess who's back (back, back), back again ('gain, 'gain)

HELLO AGAIN, THEATRE LOVERS! Your friendly neighborhood Anna is back and ready for action in yet another jam-packed year at Cabaret Theatre! I'd first like to extend a warm welcome to any freshies who might have already received some good fortune by stumbling upon this blog. We here at Cab can't wait to see all of your n00b faces at our first gathering (date TBD, but it'll be v soon!), set builds, auditions, and of course, the audience! Check out our table at the Fall Involvement Fair for more info, some awesome people, and a spinning wheel where you might win a balloon hat from yours truly ;)

Here's how my summer went: I worked at a summer camp and spent a lot of time outside. Yes, I now have a shorts tan, sock tan, and a lopsided watch tan (I can't wait for sweater weather). I finished season 11 of Criminal Minds on Netflix and am so confused as to how there could be another season of an already long show. I saw 3 fantastic shows: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Waitress, and the Off-Broadway show Green Card. I also joined the pro-staff for Illuminations: A Musical Revue as a co-music director! Things that didn't happen include: not getting funnier, not learning how to properly photoshop pictures, getting a better quality phone for better quality blog pictures. Sorry, fam.

Speaking of shows, we have some AWESOME ones happening this year! First one is right around the corner, and tickets are selling fast!

As a Cabaret Theatre/Livingston Theatre Company collaborative production, the Back-to School Revue will be kickstarting our year! Directed by our very own Producer, Emily Reineke, and the LTC Managing Director, Julia Mendes, this show is sure to shed some "light" on the darker parts of life. Not being biased or anything, but I hear it's pretty #lit and you shouldn't miss out. The show premieres this weekend *only* - check out the new online ticketing system to get yours today! For a sneak peek, check out our performance at the Involvement Fair tomorrow at 3:15 on the Brower Steps!

Quickly following the revue are our auditions for Boeing Boeing! Check out the event page on Facebook for more info on the show itself and the audition information. We'd love to see you next week - September 12 - 14!

For updates on the season, make sure you're following our Facebook page, Twitter (@RutgersCabaret), Instagram (cabaret_theatre), and our brandy new SNAPCHAT account (@rutgerscabaret)!!! Of course, I'll be here making posts throughout the year about all the cool stuff happening, blurry photos and bad jokes included.

Miss my posts and already can't wait for my next one? Don't fret, internet peoples. I'll be back in just a few days to tell you about Illuminations and how many fire emojis I would rate it with. 

OH ALSO - your favorite black box theatre has just undergone some new renovations, so you most definitely have to come hang with us and check them out ~*~*

Peace, luv, n chicken nuggets, 

Anna :)