ANNOUNCING: OPF 2015 Cast Lists!!

Cabaret Theatre is proud to announce the cast lists for our 2015 Original Play Festival. Throughout the entire audition/callback process, the directors were very lucky to have seen such talent that everyone brought to us. We were truly blown away by everyone! The Original Play Festival is a great opportunity to bring eager actors together with eager directors and student playwrights who want to see their work come to life. We are more than certain that this year's OPF will be very successful in that!

If we were unable to cast you in this year's OPF, please do not be discouraged! Everyone is amazing and it was very hard for the directors to cast their shows with such a large pool of qualified performers. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on how to assist with the technical aspects of upcoming productions as well as future auditions.

If you see your name below, please check your emails within the next few days with information on when rehearsals will begin!!

Here are the casts!!


SOFA (by: Jonathan Misrahi)
-Directed by Cody Beltis

Ryan: Abid Hassan
Paul: Benji Sills
P2: Na-Lee Ha
P3: Jose Sanchez
Dancer: Alisa Bondarenko
Dancer: Alex Albanese


The Burden of Noel (by: Raynee Morris)
-Directed by Raynee Morris

Noel: Kelly Lozo
Charlie: Benji Sills
Lana: Shachar May
Chorus 1: Kajoree Bhattacharya
Chorus 2: Arunendra Banerjee
Chorus 3: Christian Ortiz
Principal Young: Catherine Emery


EYE OF THE LLAW (by: Julia Barnett)
-Directed by Julia Barnett

WALL: Jascynt Tulloch
FRIEND VO: Kim Bollard
STERLING/WALL: Alex Albanese
ANA/WALL: Alyssa Krompier
MICHAEL/WALL: Christian Ortiz
WILL/WALL: Shachar May


WHITTLING AWAY (by: Cody Beltis)
-Directed by Eddie Norgard

Sean - Alex Albanese
Kelly - Julianna Pica
Susan - Kelly Lozo


Remaining (by: Joseph Mankowski)
-Directed by Kayla Votapek

Silvia: Julianna Pica
TIM: Matthew Finnerty
Walter: Dan English


Untitled Project (by: Justice Hehir)
-Directed by Connie Scoullis