2015 Directors' Showcase Cast List

We are very excited to announce the casts for the 2015 Directors' Showcase! Congratulations to all! We saw an amazing amount of talent come out to audition, and the decision was very difficult. If you did not get casted, do no be discouraged! There are many opportunities for one to get involved with Cabaret Theatre, and we encourage you to reach out to us!

Baggage Unattended
Directed by Emily Reineke

Woman - Allie Ambriano
Man- Abid Hassan
Uniformed Man - Sean Ullmer
Security Guards - Bernadette Burke, Jackie Malzone, Dom Scalera

The Sure Thing
Directed by Stephanie Levia

Bill - Kenny Laboy
Betty - Laura Pomykala
Barista - Allie Ambriano

He Said & She Said
Directed by Juliana Pica

Mrs. Packard - Rachel Horner
Diana - Ivha
Enid - Kajoree B.
Felix - Abid Hassan

Some Fresh Ideas
Directed by Jillian Hanna

Janie - Alexis Dewland
Henry - Christian Signorelli
Hoss - Christian Courtney
Artie - Abid Hassan

Directed by Elizabeth Alt

Alyssa - Maddie Hehir
Justice - Toni Pollitt

Mr. Icky
Directed by Tara Dhawan

Mr. Icky - Aiyana Tucker
Charles - Hillel Adiv
Ulsa - Maddie Hehir
Peter - Toni Pollitt
Divine - Chris Signorelli
1/2 Children - Yasmine, Kye

Death Knocks
Directed by Ivana Melara

Death - Jeremy Dan
Nat - Chris Michael

Cindy & Julie
Directed by TJ Ellis

Cindy - Kelly McCarthy
Julie - Paige Austin
Young Man - Allie Ambriano