Yes you heard it right--Cabaret Theatre will be doing A Chorus Line this season! Directed by the lovely Shayna Carney, this will be our first musical of the season, and this show requires a HUGE cast. So whether you are a seasoned performer or you have never set foot on the stage before, we want to see everyone come out and audition for this extremely relatable show!

A Chorus Line takes the audience on an emotional journey through the Broadway audition process as a group of potential dancers and performers are put through a vigorous series of dance numbers. After the initial cut, the director, Zach, makes each auditionee tell their personal story of how they came to be in show business, and what are their hopes, and inspirations. As each character's story unwinds, the audience is able to identify with each performer and why they have endured a life filled with rejection, injury, pain and heartache to be involved in the "glamorous" world of the musical theatre. 


Friday, February 26th at 8:00pm
Saturday, February 27th at 8:00pm
Sunday, February 30th at 7:00pm
Friday, March 4th at 8:00pm
Saturday, March 5th at 8:00pm
Sunday, March 6th at 7:00pm

Director: Shayna Carney
Assistant Director: Tatianah Demande
Stage Manager: Marilou Pellizzari
Music Directors: Trey Shore, Katie Mattina, Lee Mamolen
Assistant Stage Manager: Kenny Laboy and Monika Jasionek
Choreographer: Daniela Stefanelli

**Auditions and callbacks will be at Cabaret Theatre, located at the corner of Suydam St and Nichol Ave**

Monday, December 7th, 7:00pm-11:00pm
Tuesday, December 8th, 7:00pm-11:00pm
Callbacks will be on Wednesday, December 9th, at time TBD

Things to Bring/Prepare: 
-16-32 measures of a contemporary musical theatre or pop song to be sung a cappella
-Your schedule/list of conflicts up until March 6th
-Your RUID number

Auditions are opened to part-time and full-time Rutgers undergraduate students

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our producer, Kayla Votapek, at, and our artistic director, Markus Robinson, at

We hope to see you then!

RUSA allocations paid for by student fees