A Chorus Line Cast and Pit List!

We are very excited to announce the cast and pit for our third main stage production, A Chorus Line! Congratulations to all! We saw an amazing amount of talent come out to audition, and the decision was very difficult. If you did not get casted or got into pit, do no be discouraged! There are many opportunities for one to get involved with Cabaret Theatre, and we encourage you to reach out to us!

Zach - Oren Merhav
Larry - Eric Figueroa Acosta
Al - Justin Luckenbaugh
Greg - Kevin Anbarserri
Bobby - Alex Albanese
Paul - Benji Sills
Don - Mike Vercellone
Mike - Paolo Arceo
Mark - Rafael Lozada
Richie - Rejy Drayton
Bebe - Olivia Accardo
Cassie - Allie Ambriano
Connie - Mariela Dorado
Diana - Krystina Matos
Judy - Tara Reid
Kristine - Kim Bollard
Maggie - Julianna Pica
Sheila - Jacqui Pecora
Val - Mary Berko
Roy - Dominick Scalera
Frank - Craig Dilliplane
Butch - Russell Umali
Tom - Joseph Haverlock
Tricia - Ashtyn Greenstein
Vicki - Rachel Appleton
Lois - Gayle Fuentes

Reed 1 - Eric Lampmann
Reed 2 - Connor Babos
Trombone - Julie Zedeck
Trumpets - TBD
Keyboard 1 - Edward Looney
Keyboard 2 - Siying (Miranda) Jiang
Drums - Skyler Fortgang