CALL FOR PLAYWRIGHTS AND DIRECTORS: The 8th Annual Original Play Festival!

HELLOOO CABARET! We hope you all have been staying warm...or cold...*shrug* this is not normal winter weather to begin with.

BUT ANYWAYS, we are about ten days away from the first day of classes of the new semester! And while it sad to come back to break, it is also something to celebrate because we can now continue doing awesome Cabaret-things for the rest of the season! Like our beloved, spring-semester-tradition, the Original Play Festival!

The 8th Annual Original Play Festival is coming up at Cabaret and we cannot wait to read your scripts and your director applications! For those who do not know, OPF [Original Play Festival] at Cabaret is a festival comprised of multiple student-written one-act plays, directed and acted by students. The Original Play Festival at Cabaret is a tradition that celebrates new work and the importance of student theatre!

If you are interested in writing a short play for consideration, please email your scripts to,, AND by midnight on JANUARY 25th! 

If you are interested in directing for the festival, please fill out the attached application and email it to,, AND by midnight on JANUARY 25th!

Auditions will take place February 8-9th and callbacks on the 10th, time TBD. 
Please make sure to not exceed 15 pages [11 size, Times New Roman font, multiple line spacing {regular}] 
If you have any questions about meeting this length requirement, please email, or 

We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus, and we can't wait to read your plays and/or applications!

8th Annual OPF Directors Application