The 8th Annual Original Play Festival Cast List!

We are very excited to announce the casts for the 8th Annual Original Play Festival! Congratulations to all! We saw an amazing amount of talent come out to audition, and the decision was very difficult. If you did not get casted, do no be discouraged! There are many opportunities for one to get involved with Cabaret Theatre, and we encourage you to reach out to us!

Molly's Path
Written by Shayna Carney
Directed by Alex Albanese

Patrick - Jonathon Dawson
Younger Molly - Hayley Trimpert
Older Molly/Connie - Jacqui Pecora

Here Now, Maybe Later
Written by Kenneth Laboy
Directed by Jacqueline Malzone

Black Lotus - Jennifer Ngandu
Thickstallion81 - Ryan Morey

Dear Dashboard
Written by Justice Hehir
Directed by Kelly McCarthy

Nella - Toni Pollitt
Alex - Sean Ullmer

The Museum at Clifton Park
Written by Cody Beltis
Directed by Dalton Zogleman

Mandeville - Scott Mendenko
Garison - Colee Bellmay
Cecile -Katherine Freedman
Riley - Paige Grecco

Three Flowers
Written by Kelly McCarthy
Directed by Kat Beliavski

Alana - Emily Woods
Selina - Selina Garcia
Landon - Brian Nawak
Danny - Ryan Galvin