2016 Cabbies Nominations

The nominations are in for the 2016 Cabbies! Congratulations to the nominees!

**Techie of the Year**

Ricky Stoltzfus
Paige Grecco
Monika Jasionek
Katie Scheidt
Alisa Bondarenko
Kenny Laboy

**Most Influential Newcomer**

Liam McGeary
Allie Ambriano
Katie Mattina
Lulu Pellizzari
Paolo Arceo
Stephanie Leiva

**Gen-Board Member of the Year**

Paige Grecco
Alex Albanese
Abid Hassan
Anna Espinoza
Emily Reineke
Dom Scalera

**RNL Sketch of the Year**

Nora the Navigator - written by Jake Torsiello
Law and Order: Platonic Partners Unit - written by Maddie Hehir
My Big Fat Scottish Wedding - written by Abid Hassan
Scabs and the Ghost Gang - written by Kim Bollard
Wrekt - written by Abid Hassan

**Best Directors's Showcase Short of the Year**

Baggage Unattended - directed by Emily Reineke
Sure Thing - directed by Stephanie Leiva
He Said, She Said - directed by Juliana Pica
Some Fresh Ideas - directed by Jillian Hanna
Trash - directed by Elizabeth Alt
Death Knocks - directed by Ivana Melara
Cindy & Julie - directed by TJ Ellis

**Best OPF Short of the Year**

Molly Path - written by Shayna Carney & directed by Alex Albanese
Dear Dashboard - written by Justice Hehir & directed by Kelly McCarthy
The Museum at Clifton Park - written by Cody Beltis & directed by Dalton Zogleman
Three Flowers - written by Kelly McCarthy & directed by Kat Beliavski
Here Now, Maybe Later - written by Kenneth Laboy & directed by Jacqueline Malzone

**Special Project Actor of the Year**

Abid Hassan - RNL
Tyler Conroy - Major/minor
Scott Mendenko - Mandeville in The Museum at Clifton Park (OPF)
Justin Luckenbaugh - Major/minor
Ryan Morey - Thickstallion81 in Here Now, Maybe Later (OPF)
Kenny Laboy - Bill in Sure Thing (DS)

**Special Project Actress of the Year**

Kim Bollard - RNL
Emily Woods - Alana in Three Flowers (OPF)
Toni Pollitt - Nella in Dear Dashboard (OPF)
Megan Kalberer - Major/minor
Kajoree Bhattacharya - Death in Death Knocks (DS)
Justice Hehir - RNL

**Special Project of the Year**

Major/ Minor
RNL XI: Very Spooky Story Very Funny
Directors' Showcase
RNL XII: Divorce?
Original Play Festival

**Light/ Sound Design of the Year**

Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead
A Chorus Line

**Set Design of the Year**

Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead
A Chorus Line

**Most Valuable Pro-staffer (MVP) of the Year**

Daniela Stefanelli
Katie Mattina
Marilou Pellizari
Ajit Matthews
Lee Mamolen

**Best Supporting Actor in a Play or Musical**

Benji Sills - Paul in A Chorus Line
Matthew Finnerty - Sam in Grace
Justin Luckenbaugh - Collins in RENT
Lajuan Miller - Angel in RENT
Alex Albanese - Bobby in A Chorus Line
Cody Beltis - Karl in Grace

**Best Supporting Actress in a Play or Musical**

Allie Ambriano - Cassie in A Chorus Line
Justice Hehir - Player in R&G
Jillian Hanna - Maureen in RENT
Erica Nadera - Joanne in RENT
Krystina Matos - Diana in A Chorus Line
Kim Bollard - Kristine in A Chorus Line

**Best Lead Actor in a Play or Musical**

Liam McGeary - Rodger in RENT
Liam McGeary - Steve in Grace
Mario Gambino - Rosencrantz in R&G
Oren Merhav - Zach in A Chorus Line
Jonah Levinson - Mark in RENT

**Best Lead Actress in a Play or Musical**

Celine Dirkes - Guildernstern in R&G
Kelly Lozo - Sara in Grace
Oliva Accardo - Mimi in RENT

**Director of the Year**

Cody Beltis - Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead
Dalton Zogleman - Grace
Shaya Carney - A Chorus Line
Kyle Buchanan - RENT

**Production of the Year**

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
A Chorus Line