Excited for the 2016 Directors' Showcase? We've got news for you!

Are YOU interested in being involved with this year's Directors' Showcase? Are you a first-time hopeful director or someone who wants to gain further directing experience?! Cabaret Theatre is excited to announce that the proposal packet for the 2016 Directors' Showcase is NOW AVAILABLE!

Proposals MUST be completed and submitted by October 5th, no later than 11:59pm. Please e-mail the Showcase Coordinator (Lauren Burcheri), at ltb35@scarletmail.rutgers.edu, and Artistic Director (Kat Beliavski), at artistic.cabarettheatre@gmail.com, as soon as possible if you plan to apply.

Click HERE for examples of plays that can be used for the Showcase! You are NOT required to use any of these for your proposal. 

We are also looking for a stage manager for this season's Directors' Showcase!!! If interested, please click HERE for the form!
Applications will also be accepted until 11:59pm on Oct. 5th.

We can't wait to hear from you!