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The 9th Annual Original Play Festival

FRIDAY, march 24TH AT 8PM
SUNDAY, march 26TH AT 7PM

Coordinated by: Elizabeth Alt

All About Jack by Kat Beliavski
Directed by Paolo Arceo

Peter - Oren Merhav
Dr. Reiner - Nate Olmeda
Debbie - Jess Munzial
Jack - Benji Sills

Kolaczki by Celine Dirkes
Directed by David Novis

Brenda - Emily Woods
Anna - Colee Bellmay
Stefan - Benji Sills

Syzygy by Hannah M'Lynn
Directed by Maya Mitterhoff

Lucinda - Jess Kerman
Xander - Oren Merhav

Com Down by Julianna Pica
Directed by Tatianah Demande

Angelica - Emily Woods
Joshua - Thomas Murrills

A Slice of Sunday by Connor Vasile
Directed by Larry Fried

Marty - Thomas Murrills
Ethel - Abby Weinick
Dennis - Nate Olmeda