The Original Play Festival (OPF) is a festival comprised of multiple student-written one-act plays, directed and acted by students. The Original Play Festival is a tradition that celebrates new work and the importance of student theatre each year at Cabaret.

9th Annual Original Play Festival
March 2017

Coordinated by: Elizabeth Alt

All About Jack by Kat Beliavski
Directed by Paolo Arceo

Peter - Oren Merhav
Dr. Reiner - Nate Olmeda
Debbie - Jess Munzial
Jack - Benji Sills

Kolaczki by Celine Dirkes
Directed by David Novis

Brenda - Emily Woods
Anna - Colee Bellmay
Stefan - Benji Sills

Syzygy by Hannah M'Lynn
Directed by Maya Mitterhoff

Lucinda - Jess Kerman
Xander - Oren Merhav

Com Down by Julianna Pica
Directed by Tatianah Demande

Angelica - Emily Woods
Joshua - Thomas Murrills

A Slice of Sunday by Connor Vasile
Directed by Larry Fried

Marty - Thomas Murrills
Ethel - Abby Weinick
Dennis - Nate Olmeda

8th Annual Original Play Festival
March 2016

Coordinated by: Emily Reineke
Stage Managed by: Amy Barenboim

Molly's Path by Shayna Carney
Directed by Alex Albanese

Patrick - Jonathon Dawson
Younger Molly - Haley Trimpert
Older Molly/Connie - Emily Woods

Here Now, Maybe Later by Kenneth Laboy
Directed by Jacqueline Malzone

Black Lotus - Jennifer Ngandu

Thickstallion81 - Ryan Morey

Dear Dashboard by Justice Hehir
Directed by Kelly McCarthy

Nella - Toni Pollitt

Alex - Sean Ullmer

The Museum at Clifton Park by Cody Beltis
Directed by Dalton Zogleman

Mandeville - Scott Mendenko

Garison - Colee Bellmay
Cecile -Katherine Freedman
Riley - Paige Grecco

Three Flowers by Kelly McCarthy
Directed by Kat Beliavski

Alana - Emily Woods
Selina - Selina Garcia
Landon - Brian Nowak
Danny - Ryan Galvin

6th Annual Original Play festival
April 2014 

Coordinated by: Justice Hehir

Coffee Cups by Megan Cherry
Directed by Thalia Peck


Abid Hassan
Adaugo Anusionwu
Gino Branciforte
Sid Ceballos

Peter by Courtney King
Directed by Kate Thomas


Cody Beltis
Kat Beliavski


Snow by Johnny Dellaluna
Directed by Courtney King


Charlie Melman
Simone Mahoney


The Cosmo Diner by Justice Hehir
Directed by Johnny Dellaluna


Andy Martinez
Leah Christians
Natasha Sydor
Zachary Sinkiewicz


UGLY by Constantina Scoullis
Directed by Kayla Votapek


Abigail Nutter
Jackie Malzone
Natasha Sydor
Toni Lachelle
Victoria Disla


You're Mistaken, Love by Allie Kroeper
Directed by Christen Demnitz


Adaugo Anusionwu
Alex Esposito
Andrea Parente

5th Annual Original Play Festival

Coordinated by: Erik Stratton 

Stage Managed: G Tomsky & Lily Ann Foster


The Other-Town Railroad by Dominick Nero
Directed by Courtney King


Nolan Maher
Justice Hehir
Shachar May
Natasha Sydor 


Punch Drunk by Jordan Gochman
Directed by Bryton McGrath


Johnny Walsh
Thalia Peck
Adam Cohen 
Nolan Maher 
Nick McNamara


Gunpoint: A Farce by Justice Hehir
Directed by Jordan Gochman


Nick McNamara
Sara Mozersky 
Sam Vargas 
Adam Cohen 


In(Separable) by Kate Barron and Justice Hehir
Directed by Melissa Gabilanes and Gina D'Angelo


Stephen Hilger
Shachar May
Jasia Ries


The Loser by JJ Focaraccio
Directed by Allie Kroeper


Nick Andre
Kate Barron
Leah Christians 
Stephen Hilger
Johnny Walsh 
Rob Piserchia 
Dylan Lawrence 

4th Annual Original Play Festival
April 2012

Coordinated by John Latona and Boris Van Der Ree
Stage Managed by Gabriela Slomicz


Nowhere, Nothing Fuckups by Stephen Hilger
Directed by Emily Lowinger


Pete – Austin Moldow
Briana – Julia Barnett
Train – Nick McNamara
Joel – Matthew Leddin
Julie – Samantha Orner
Rose – Sara Mozersky
Carl – Nolan Maher
Slim – Allie Kroeper
Kat - Jaclyn Spoleti


Nella’s Periwinkle Heart by Dom Nero
Directed by Courtney King


Clifford – Erik Stratton
Nella – Kate Barron


grey. by Thomas Young
Directed by Mary Gismonde
Musically Directed by Kate Levine
Accompanied by Patrick Wu


Ethan – Zachary Frank
Sarah – Nicole Weaver
Caden – Jordan Gochman
Shauna – Melanie Waldman


The Exorcism of Jakob O’Donnell by Danny Cassidy
Directed by Meg King


Jakob – Christopher Pasi
Mrs. O’Donnell – Jaclyn Spoleti
Emily – Alyssa Krompier
Christian – Nick Cartusciello
Peter – Vince Sarlo
Charlie – Matthew Leddin