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Come on down to Cabaret Theatre, pay the small fee of $5 and you can see Rutgers Night Live! A student-run, written, produced, and acted sketch comedy show that'll make you say, "Wait, this is a thing?" We've got everything SNL has, a host, musical guest, digital short, weekend update, but minus the pesky budget or exposure. So come and down and have a laugh on us, just say Lorne sent you!

Photography by John Hennessy

RNL XVI: 16 Going on 17

Friday, February 9th at 8:00pm
Saturday, February 10th at 8:00pm
Saturday, February 10th at 11:59pm

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Seniors (60+): $5
General Admission: $7

RJ Parla

Maddie Hehir
John Lerman
Rafael Lozada
Oren Merhav
Christopher Michael
Madhu Mohanmurali
Nathan Olmeda
Francesca Petrucci

Are you a Rutgers student who loves watching Saturday Night Live but can't find the time to go to NY and wait in line for 12+ hours in the hopes you'll randomly be chosen to be an audience member? Then boy, do we have the solution for you!