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The 2017 Directors' Showcase is a special event at Cabaret Theatre that gives first-time directors the opportunity to cast actors in a few short plays lasting about 15 to 20 minutes each. Working tirelessly for the past month, these directors have held numerous rehearsals to bring to life four plays within the Cabaret space. We can't wait for you to see the efforts of these new directors and their talented actors!

The 2017 Directors' Showcase

Friday, November 17th at 8PM
Saturday, November 18th at 8PM
Sunday, November 19th at 7PM

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Seniors (60+) / $5
General Admission / $7

"Beer Girl" by Walter Wykes
Directed by Kevin Anberserri
Bob: Larry Fried
Flo: Colee Bellmay
Beer Girl: Kaitlyn Toledo

"Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair" by Marco Ramirez
Directed by Jennifer Dars
Regina: Nishika Bagchi
Sam: John Hennessy
Tiffany: Kirsten Pasewaldt
Bradley: Mohsin Sharif

"Dorothy and Alice" by Itamar Moses
Directed by Jamie Einiger
Dorothy: Stephanie Bradli
Alice: Nina Tripodi

"Baby Book" by Matthew Ballistreri
Directed by Krystina Matos
Willum: Jack Oliver
Kelly: Vanessa Matos

Photography by Paolo Arceo