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A stirring play by Neil LaBute, this drama explores what we give up for love, what we risk for art, and how similar these two things can be. Centered around a young student, his dynamic relationship with a captivating graduate art student, and his best friends’ turbulent engagement, this play is a curious study into modern-day relationships and all the beauty and ugliness that comes with them. In under two hours and with just four characters, LaBute’s script directly tackles and challenges societal perceptions of ethics, art, humanity, and power. “Natural, beautiful, and malleable,” The Shape of Things leaves us with no definite answers, but instead with a myriad of gripping questions.

The Shape of Things

Thursday, March 1st at 9pm
Friday, March 2nd at 8pm
Saturday, March 3rd at 8pm
Sunday, March 4th at 7pm

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Seniors (60+): $8
General Admission: $12

Director: Krystina Matos
Assistant Director: Nina Tripodi
Co-Stage Manager: Emily Prestby
Co-Stage Manager: Danielle Shabi

ADAM: Peter Toto
EVELYN: Loretta Adams
JENNY: Megan Lako
PHILLIP: Matthew Volpe

Photography by John Hennessy